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WASHING MACHINE REPAIR : Washer may not be spinning. Washer may not drain effectively. Washer drum may fail to turn at all. Washer may be producing excessive noise.


REFRIGERATOR REPAIR : Refrigerator stopped working completely. Strange noises from inside or back of the fridge. Refrigerator appears to “sweat” on the outside.


DRYER REPAIR : Dryer doesn’t turn on or off. Clothes take too long to dry inside dryer. My dryer works, but doesn’t get hot.


OVEN REPAIR : Oven doesn’t turn on or off. Oven convection fan doesn’t work. Oven takes too long to preheat Oven door does not form close well.


DISHWASHER REPAIR : My dishwasher cycles for too long.Dishes stay wet and aren’t drying. The dishwasher dispenser is leaking Dishwasher does not complete cycles.


STOVE REPAIR : Oven or stove doesn’t turn on or off. Cooktop / stove makes too much noise. Cooktop burner flame is too low or too high I smell gas beside stove cooktop’s.


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  •   My washer stopped working.  Called Sears, but they couldn't come for a week.  Went through Google and Yelp, and saw this company.  A technician (Eli) came the same day.  He was very nice, thoroughly examined my washer.  Diagnosed that a part had gone bad and said he could order the part.  Also explained that if it didn't work, his company would refund us the money.  The part came in sooner than expected, Eli came over and replaced it.  Tested the washer thoroughly, and it works fine.  I would recommend this company to anyone who needs appliance repair.  Prompt, courteous, and efficient service at a reasonable price.  Thanks again Eli.

    thumb Gail B.

      I called on Sunday about a dishwasher repair. The technician arrived at noon on Monday - the window was from 12-3 - and fixed the dishwasher. The charge was $98.Dishwasher is a twenty-year-old Sears Kenmore.

    thumb Kathleen M.

      I am not happy at all with service provided! It was easy and pleasant to set up an appointment and get someone out the following day but that is where it ends.Repair man sent out was not competent and I believe took full advantage of my senior parents. After supposedly diagnosing the problem of their LG refrigerator he gave them two options to try and fix the potential problem 1) $350 for a part and install, if that didn't work  option 2) buy a new refrigerator since replacing a possible compressor issue would "not be worth it". He proceeded to leave their house with mandatory $76 fee and not even write down the LG Model number of the refrigerator so he could order the part. After contacting me a few times to get the model number he calls me back and says "sorry no way to fix this refrigerator part is discontinued, tell them to buy a new one".
    *** Long story short I contacted another repair service that charged me $20 for replacement part and $75 to install it!!! Instead of shelling out another $2,800 for a new refrigerator.*** Happy others got service with no issues but for us this was not so.

    thumb Maria D.
  •   I called on a Thursday to schedule a repair for a 4 year old LG refrigerator. Global Solutions made an appointment for the following Monday, which they kept. The repair guy told me that the compressor was broken, and said it wasn't worth fixing.  He quoted me a whopping $1400 to fix the compressor, said it would take a whole day's worth of work, and recommended that I buy a new fridge because the current one wasn't worth fixing. When I said that was a very high price, he responded, "others charge even more!" Even if true (which I don't doubt, since clearly repair companies are ripping New Yorkers off like crazy - and people hand them 5 stars for doing so), it was a stupid answer. $120 for the visit.

    I just had another repair guy from a DIFFERENT company come from NJ. He was very professional, and was able to fix the fridge, same day, in 1.5 hours. Turns out it wasn't the compressor that was broken - it was a "restriction" due to a manufacturing defect, which he was able to fix without a new compressor part. He said he would charge $300-$400 for the fix, or more ($500-$700) if I had been in Lower Manhattan. Even the highest price was half as much as the quote from Global Solutions.

    Judge for yourself.

    thumb Haw-Bin C.

      Global Solutions Appliance did a great job in repairing our Electrolux oven. The repairman was professional and very neat. He explained what to expect and was very thorough. We would definitely use Global Solutions Appliance Repair again.

    thumb Melissa T.

      Alex repaired our LG washing machine.  He responded quickly to my phone call, and made it easy to schedule an appointment.  He was on time, friendly, and professional.  He discovered a tear in the rubber door seal, and ordered a new one for us.  Our machine is stacked in a small closet, and to my relief, Alex was able to install the ring without having to remove the machine from the closet or unstack it.  His price was fair for the work he did, and I will absolutely call him the next time we have an appliance that needs repair!

    thumb Susan M.
  •   Needed washing machine  repair.  Had dryer cleaned too.  Courteous.  Helpful. Informative. Just all around great guy.  A gem.  If Eli is typical of rest of staff, you will NEVER be sorry by calling Global Solutions

    thumb Ilana K.

      Great fast service! Alex arrived earlier than expected and diagnosed the problem with my washer within minutes. He got things up and running again in no time, I would highly recommend for any future repairs.

    thumb Ernesto F.

      This company is amazing!! They were able to send a technician out as fast as the next day. Ben has helped us out on 2 separate occasions. He was able to figure out the problem quickly and knew exactly how to fix it. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and does the job quick and efficiently!!!! Would recommend this company to anyone in need of appliance repairs!!

    thumb Kerry H.
  •   My fridge started having the same issues this past summer. I contacted them a few days later after the year warranty had expired. Global Solutions came to take a look and said they would have to perform the same work but would have to charge me (almost the same amount I had paid previously). Not to say that that the work Global Solutions did was faulty (could have just been a bad fridge), but it would have been good customer service to honor the warranty since it was a few days over. I ended up purchasing a new fridge.

    thumb Gigi N.

      Simply amazing service and techniciams. Constant commumication. Call to confirm. Called when on the way. Totally professional and customer friendly. Will definitely  recommend and use again. Thank you!

    thumb Ramon R.

      I needed to have the water dispenser fixed in my ten year old refrigerator.  I called at 10:30 AM and they had a repair man to my place in a half an hour.  He fixed the problem in under twenty minutes.  Very prompt and professional.  Highly recommended.

    thumb Horace H.
  •   I had been smelling a faint smell of gas from my stove off and on over some time, until the Sunday before Thanksgiving when it almost blew up. I took to Yelp, and from the reviews decided to call Global Solutions Appliance Repair. The gentleman who answered the phone told me that he couldn't get anyone out to me that day. I pushed, expressing my urgency due to Thanksgiving being days away. He obliged and said that someone would be at my home within 90 minutes. About 45 minutes later, their technician Daniel called to say that he would be to me shortly. He arrived, asked me some questions regarding my issues and proceeded to inspect the stove. After some time, he stated that the starter had gone bad and quoted that it would be $280 to replace and repair it. My fiance let him know that the starter had just recently been replaced. Daniel then said to me, "Oh, well you did not tell me that over the phone." He then said that he would replace the starter to see if it made any difference and if not, he would investigate further. And so he did. He found that the starter was just fine and concluded that the stove was in fact leaking gas from the inside and deemed the appliance unusable. He removed the "test' starter that he had installed and reinstalled my original starter. He let us know that in good faith, he could not recommend continued use of the stove. I appreciated and respected that. Unfortunately, I'd have to purchase a whole new stove. So I did. Once my new stove arrived and was installed, within about an hour, I started to smell gas again. I was in shock. This time, I decided to call the gas company (which I should have done from the very beginning.) A technician from NationalGrid arrived within 30 minutes. He pulled the stove out, sprayed soap and water mixture on the hose connecting the gas line to the oven and found that the nipple was where the gas was leaking from and was 100% sure of it. The obvious question was why was this new stove leaking gas just as the old stove had been leaking gas? The answer is that the people who installed the new stove, took the old nipple off of the old stove and put it on the new stove, rather than just giving me a new nipple for the new stove. The NatinonalGrid tech told me that I never needed a new stove, I just needed a new nipple connecting the gas line to the stove. (I've addressed this issue with the business I purchased the stove from.) But the truth is, reusing the old nipple from the old stove is what revealed that I DID NOT NEED A NEW STOVE, which Daniel recommended. Now I've spent $80 for Global Solutions Appliance and Repair's consultation fee and $1200 for a new stove that I didn't even need. (My old stove was only 5 years old.)

    Lessons learned:
    1) When dealing with gas, call the gas company first. Their visit was fast, free, and factual.
    2) Get an second opinion before making a big purchase.
    3) Do not base your decision to use Global Solutions Appliance and Repair solely off of their reviews. They can be misleading.

    thumb Z R.

      Eli came in on a Sunday because I have a busy schedule. He was honest, professional and kind. Fixed my oven in no time and it works perfectly now.
    I would recommend those guys to my friends.The woman on the phone was also very nice and patient. Thumbs up all accros the board!

    thumb Efrat K.

      Very professional and courteous. Came early and found the problem right away. I will definitely recommend it.

    thumb James H.
  •   These guys are legit!  Ben came over to evaluate my washer situation and gave me the best advice and told me what would be best to do... and DID NOT charge for the visit.  This is good business practice, and so refreshing to experience.

    thumb Christopher P.

      Fast Reliable service!  Friendly customer service.  Dyers drum would not stop even when the machine was off.  Alex Was able to fix my machine and it now works like new.  Thank You!!!!! Definitely will recommend to family and friends!

    thumb Jacqueline L.

      I called Global Solutions Appliance Repair for a Sub Zero refrigerator repair. The refrigerator was on the fritz and Ben was very helpful. He was knowledgeable and kind and answered all my questions. Setting up the appointment was a breeze, the woman I talked to on the phone was very professional and pleasant. I had a bad experience with a previous appliance repair company so I was very suspicious but I was pleasantly surprised. Ben replaced the compressor and did so perfectly, seemed like a hard job. I will definitely call them again.

    thumb Inessa K.
  •   Great job! Serviceman was here on time. This company was able to send someone right away. He diagnosed and fixed the problem efficiently. Refrigerator was back to normal in less than a half houser.

    thumb Ruth S.

      Our dishwasher refused to drain and started leaking water all over the kitchen floor!

    Eli from Global Solutions came a few days later, diagnosed the issue as a broken drain pump and, after an estimate, replaced it for a total of $300. After he replaced the pump, there was still a small leak and he realized that the rubber gasket needed replacing as well. After some negotiations with his superior on the phone, they agreed to come back to fix the gasket as well for no additional charge.

    Eli was kind, friendly, knowledgeable, and did a great job. He even offered advice on the proper way to maintain our dishwasher to have fewer problems in the future. Highly recommended!

    thumb Sam K.

      Our oven stopped working completely which was a disaster - I sent a message to Global Solutions late in the evening and Daniel arrived the next day and completed the repair (replaced the ignition switches) very quickly and now the oven is working like new. Very pleased. It was expensive but less expensive than a new oven.

    thumb Emily S.
  •   When an appliance stops working that you use daily, but have no clue how to repair - relying on a repair service is crucial. Getting recommendations can also be iffy. That is why I highly recommend Global Solutions. I did my research. Eli came when my wall oven was broken.
    It was an easy fix; but not one I could have handled. They do this every day and have the resources to find parts without gouging the customer. Their service call price is fair. Their concern even extends to a follow up calls. Now who does that? Eli and his team does.
    I hope nothing else breaks, but when it does, I feel confident on whom to call.

    thumb P G.

      These guys definitely deserve their five-star rating. I called up and they expertly diagnosed my issue with my Bosch washing machine over the phone and said that it wasn't worth fixing and I would have to buy a new one. Bosch would have charged me $120 for that, and I would have had to wait a week. I will definitely be calling them again the next time I have an issue. Plus they come to Brooklyn! Businesses like this are a rare gem in NYC.

    thumb Young J.

      Honest and efficient. Our fridge was in need of repair, Eli came to diagnose the problem.  Repair was done in less time than anticipated.
    Knowledgeable and trustworthy. Would highly recommend.

    thumb Robert W.
  •   Great service, got a quick response via Yelp chat and was able to book an appointment easily for my refrigerator repair. The technician was very professional and made the process very easy. We had to order a part, and he came back at the scheduled time and did the work quickly without any trouble.

    Overall very friendly and professional service.

    thumb A P.

      Responded in minutes, arrived the same day right on time, fixed my dryer! Great service.

    thumb Leon C.

      I had 2 appliances that needed fixing; a refrigerator & a stove. The stove igniter was defective which was replaced.  The freezer defrost thermostat was defective was also replaced.  Alex did a great job.  He cleaned up after each repair.  He called about 30 min prior to arrival.  I thought that the price was a bit steep, even with the slight discount. But if it's a good quality fix, then it's well worth it in time & effort in doing it again.

    thumb Howard D.
  •   Daniel from Global showed up within the time window he scheduled and called before to confirm that he was on his way. He was efficient and professional. He fixed our clothes dryer and his pricing was very fair. I highly recommend Global.

    thumb Stuart M.

      Within a few days, my broken washer was fixed complete with initial appointment and the ordering of special parts. All was done with easy communication and on time appointments. They're going in my address book for further use!

    thumb Samson H.

      Global Solutions stands behind their repairs.
    My three-year-old KitchenAid dishwasher stopped drying. Global Solutions fixed the problem. This part was expensive, and I considered just buying a new dishwasher. But I went with the repair since the machine was relatively new. So imagine my frustration when the problem happened again, less than three months later. But Global Solutions honored their guarantee and replaced the faulty part. I'm so pleased and won't hesitate to call them again when the next appliance breaks (as appliances inevitably do).

    thumb Stephanie C.