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We offer same day service and free estimates with the repair.

We have a lot of great reviews that are available on Yelp, Google, Home advisor and more. Our customers are in good hands as we provide the best service; not only reliable repair and fair prices, but we also keep every client on record for the most professional customer care.
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Established in 2005. A group of well trained and polite technicians. We understand that it is not enough to fix the appliance we also conduct ourselves in a way that the client will feel most comfortable and trust us. We are professionals and kind and we believe in hard work. We love our job and will go to great lengths to ensure the appliance is fixed.


To successfully repair all major household appliances. We also inspire to do our best in making the client happy and have a peace of mind in time of need.
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In this day and age with the increasing concern of global pollution, we encourage everyone to repair existing appliances instead of discarding them. Few examples of appliances that pose a high threat to the environment are refrigerators and microwaves. refrigerators can harm the ozone layer and increase global warming. Microwaves contain harmful and dangerous components to the environment.


To be the leading appliance repair service in the New York area and create more jobs for hard working Americans.

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Repair services


Honor – if we promise something we will deliver.

Trust – We want our clients to have a stress-free process, from the moment they pick up the phone to call us until we leave the house after the appliance is fixed. we will keep the client informed with each step of the process including but not limited to: Technician’s arrival, professional diagnostic and estimates, unexpected delays, and work description.

Honesty and transparency – we understand that in the service industry there are a lot of gray areas and disinformation that puts the client in harm’s way and with a feeling of uncertainty. We work in a professional manner and relay the whole truth as it. We work hard to improve our work process each day and adjust ourselves to our client’s requirements.


Global Solutions Appliance Repair NYC is a company specializing in residential appliance repair in the New York city area. We have more than a decade of experience and a group of well trained technicians.

Appliances are made to make our lives easier. Doing chores with properly working machines is so much simple and time-saving. Malfunctioning of these appliances can often cause a great inconvenience and confusion. Global Solutions Appliance Repair NYC vowed to keep appliances in New York City work efficiently by repairing any faulty appliance quickly.
We repair refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, ovens and stoves.

We service the entire NYC area which includes Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau County – Long Island.

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Our work process

We send a technician to find the source of the problem. We charge a service call which will be included in the repair. A repairman comes to disassemble the appliance in order to find the source of the problem and what needs to be done. He then provides a diagnosis and an estimate. If the client decides to go ahead with the repair, the service call fee will go towards the price of the repair.

Our staff

Our staff of technicians are certified and are able to provide repairs for a wide range of appliances. Our team shares a commitment to servicing the entire NYC area like no other company. We strive to achive complete customer satisfaction on all the services we offer. Our team is extremely professional, friendly and will make all the efforts to complete the repair on the first session. Our experience over the years allows us to solve all appliance problems in no time. We also employ outside contractors to help with the work load and we only choose the best ones. With our guaranteed quality service, you can join our ever-multiplying number of customers, and be happy that you did.
Repair Services
Repair services

Customer service

Whether it’s our technicians or our phone representatives, we always put great emphasis on customer service. Our customers are the backbone of our company and deserve the best treatment. We try to maintain friendly and long lasting relationships with our customers so you’ll know you always have a place to turn to if one of your precious appliances breaks down. We understand how inconvenient it is when you are unable to wash dirty clothes or dishes, or if your fridge stops cooling and all your groceries go bad and go to waste. We also understand the pressure and hassle involved with finding a good repair company that you can actually trust, especially when a lot of us have had some bad experiences with different service companies. That’s why our staff is reliable and professional and is devoted to helping you in your time of crises by providing excellent customer service.

Service with Integrity

Global Solutions Appliance Repair is well known in NYC for providing professional, quick and effective service. Our technicians are friendly and courteous and we always treat customers with dignity. We understand that it is not enough to fix the appliance but also to conduct ourselves in a way that the client will feel most comfortable. Your home is your sanctuary and our technicians will always respect that. We spread our working mat while working to avoid creating a mess on your floor. We make sure to leave your place behind as tidy as possible.
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Reasonable Charges

Our company provides competent services at affordable rates. We do not charge extra on holidays and over the weekends. Our technicians will diagnose the problem and give you a detailed explanation and an estimate before repairing. Our technicians will also enlighten you on the best ways to maintain your appliance for longevity.

Turnaround time

After the technician finds the source of the problem and what needs to be done on your appliance, he will give you a diagnosis and sometimes that includes ordering some parts and returning a second time to install them. This is called – Turnaround time. The number of days between ordering the parts and receiving them depends on the suppliers and is usually between 3 to 4 business days. We do make sure to call the client back as soon as the parts arrive and make an effort to schedule the repair for the same day or for the day after.
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Original manufacture parts

Replacing an appliance’s faulty parts with a perfect fit made by the manufacturer will make it more effective. Global Solutions Appliance Repair is a reputable repair company that supplies only original spare parts from the manufacturer. We will never install used parts or damaged parts to save a buck. Professionalism, honesty and high-quality work is our way of life.

Flexible Schedule

Our scheduling is flexible and geared for your convenience. Our repair service is offered all day long, six days a week (Sunday till Friday). We work on holidays and on Sundays. Many companies are closed during these days but appliances can break down at any time. We know that most people are so busy and have difficulties finding a time they can stay home and wait for a technician. That’s why we are always available at any time you need our service. We will always fit into your schedule regardless of how busy it might be. We know how important your time is, therefore we are always punctual.
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Brands we repair

We service almost every brand on the market. From sophisticated to simple, our ability to repair all appliances effectively is unmatched. We are proud to service Amana, Bosch, Electrolux, KitchenAid, General Electric (GE), Kenmore, LG, Samsung, Viking, Wolf, Sub-zero, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Maytag and much more.

Our technicians are fully experienced and knowledgeable on all these brands of appliances. We would not settle for less, and neither should you.


We offer same day service and free estimates with the repair.