Our home kitchen and laundry appliances were designed to make our lives easier. Since the 19th century, we have been thinking of innovative ways to store and cook food and tidy up our home. These inventions have stood the test of time and continue to be used by millions today. For instance, something that the most of us could not do without is the Stove. Whether electric or gas, stoves are the main source of cooking in all homes today.

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If stoves were the 19th century’s most important kitchen appliances, the refrigerators were of the most important appliances in the 20th century.
Washing machines and dishwashers had also become an integral part of any home. While some do not consider these appliances to be a necessity but more as a luxury, the overwhelmingly majority of households cannot live a day without them.

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Over the next decade, new upgrades are made to these appliances. From refrigerators that have cameras and connectivity, so while at the grocery store, you can check and see what you don’t have, to washers with self-cleaning options. With creative minds and the public’s acceptance, the future possibilities of kitchen and laundry appliances may soon be smarter than humans. Newest inventions expected in the industry will include ovens that can roast coffee beans, refrigerators that will take notes and also have sensor that measures volume of liquids and reports the levels to a smartphone. While your house is filled with a variety of home appliances, there are certain ones you may have noticed that give you more grief than others. This is due to the fact that these appliances are used more frequently compared to others for many households. Refrigerators, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers have a shelf life of about Ten to Fifteen years, According to Daily Finance, which is a short life span, the shortest one of all home appliances. It’s also important to note that maintenance issues may arise due to daily wear and tear.


Expensive price doesn’t mean quality

Spending thousands of dollars on top products does not protect customers from ending up with an “appliance nightmare”. Consumer NZ’s Right Appliance Guide made a test that shows product’s higher price tag is not always pegged to quality. In the words of Sue Chetwin, Consumer chief executive: “price isn’t necessarily the determinant of quality”. More testing revealed a $119 kettle which took five minutes to boil a liter of water – more time than the recommended, much cheaper models which take about one to three minutes. You may have bought a fancy, expensive new appliance. But it doesn’t mean it’s the best.


Buying New Appliance or fixing the old one

Appliances seem like they should last forever. Few products, like those made during the 1960s and 1970s are infect very durable. Wondering how the old washer your grandmother had was used for about 40 years? It looks as if nothing was ever going to go wrong with it. Today, it’s advisable to get your old appliance fixed since you wouldn’t get the quality of the appliance you want to replace. The intricacy of warranties being given makes matters worse. Before, when you bought an appliance, manufacturers provided warranties of two years and more, but now warranties are for just one year. Another issue is that in order to fit the new appliance, you may have to modify cabinetry, which may cause additional cost. Getting a new gas oven or range may save you money, but only if you already have gas connections in your home. Otherwise you could spend a lot of money bringing in a new gas line or rerouting existing lines. A new fridge may not fit in the same spot and that will require cabinet modification.
Consider the age of the appliance, its efficiency, repair cost and appliances pricing in order to decide if you should modify your kitchen to accommodate a new unit, you will arrive to the conclusion that repairing cost less. Don’t forget every penny counts.


How to Prevent Common Appliance Problems

A few number of preventative maintenance will save you tons of money on repair bills and extend your appliance life span. Maintaining your appliances will reduce the risk of breakdowns and system malfunctions, however you may still experience some issues at one point or another due to heavy use.

  • Clean the refrigerator coils
  • Prevent blockage of air vents
  • Clean refrigerator gaskets
  • Refrain from overloading the washer or dryer
  • Don’t spray switches
  • Don’t slam the door
  • Clean the lint filter
  • Clean your dishwasher screen
  • Keep your appliances level


Repair cost less, especially when it comes to large appliances. Global Solutions Appliance Repair is pleased to be servicing different appliances made by different brands. No matter the appliance you need repaired and serviced, you can trust us to fix it. Our Technicians are efficient, competent and reliable professionals who are devoted to solving your appliances problems and enlighten you on the best way to maintain them.


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