Bosch is a German company which is regarded as one of the world’s leading appliance manufacturers. Their appliances are spearheading in research, for example, they excel in adding advanced technology to their dryers such as reducing the drying time to a relatively small period. It can be annoying when the unexpected happens and you throw wet shirts in the dryer and 30 minutes later it buzzes, but you return to find your shirts as moist as they were when you put them in.

Flexible-Scheduling Appliance Repair

When those things happen, it is important you call a reputable repair service company for immediate repair and prevention of future occurrence.
Bosch’s line of dryers is a top performer that will make you say goodbye to line drying. Models include vented dryers, tumble and washer-dryer combos. They are equipped with features such as;

Refrigerator Repair
Washing Machine Repair
Stove & Oven Repair
Dishwasher Repair
Dryer Repair

Fast Local Appliance Repair & Pro Service

  • ActiveAir technology - Allow clothes to dry fairly quickly to just the right level of dryness.
  • AirCondensation Technology™ - Allows your clothes to dry using air.
  • SoftDry drum system - To achieve soft and even drying.
  • Heat pump drying - Used to achieve maximum energy efficiency.
  • Self-Cleaning Condenser™ - Automatically cleans itself, ensures the dryer will perform optimally.
  • AntiVibration™ Design - Bosch dryers are extremely quiet and highly stable with the help of the unique vibration protection.
  • TouchControl buttons - The electronic control panel makes it very convenient to operate.
  • 15 cycle options - Offers flexibility that suits any lifestyle which include anti-shrink and Super Quick 15.
  • Moisture sensor - The moisture content inside the dryer's drum is monitored to ensure optimal care and best results.
  • Easy Iron function - Minimizes deep creases from forming in the laundry which in turn reduces time spent for ironing.

Common Dryer problems

There are many things that can go wrong with your dryer, some of them include;

  • Dryer won't work at all.
  • Clothes take too long to dry.
  • Dryer drum does not tumble.
  • Drum isn't spinning even though motor is running.
  • Dryer is very noisy.
  • Dryer getting too hot.
  • Clothes are very wrinkled after drying.
  • Clothes are still cold and damp after drying.
  • Drum is spinning but there is no heat.



Dryer Maintenance Tips

  • The white vinyl dryer vent tub should be replaced with an aluminum tub. This is because the flexible vinyl tub doesn't meet U.S fire safety standards because of its combustibility.
  • Removal of lint from the lint filter must be done at the end of every cycle. Also, once in a while, use a brush or a vacuum to remove lint from the filter’s chute. Lint build up in the dryer's interior can lead to a longer drying time.
  • The entire dryer’s venting system should be cleaned at least once in a year. This should be done in such a manner that it will be cleaned from the inside to the outside.
  • All form of restrictions around the vent cap should be cleared often. Remove stuff like leave or snow to enable proper air flow.


Major appliances are a staple of daily modern life. Bosch dryers save you drying and ironing time. It is a smart decision to fix your broken dryer. Replacement is more expensive and will make you take many factors into consideration like; space, size, learning how to power and operate a new machine and check dryers rating among other brands. Global solutions Appliance Repair specializes in Bosch dryers repair, with our extensively trained and equipped technicians, our dependable, trustworthy and committed staff, we can ensure that your dryer will get back to performing optimally almost immediately. We move around with our part filled vehicles in other to complete our work in one visit.

When your dryer malfunctions, it makes your life uncomfortable, don't settle for second-best: call Global Solutions Appliance Repair and we will be there when you need us.


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