A washing machine provides a fast and easy way to clean loads of laundry including clothing and most home textiles. Bosch washing machines are designed with advanced laundry technology to produce a fast, easy and clean wash. They come in various capacities and sizes and there is always a model that fits your budget, space or quantity of loads you need to tackle daily. If your washing machine is broken, it’s probably worthwhile to have it repaired immediately to avoid unnecessary, frequent and expensive trips to local dry cleaners.

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From large capacity to compact washing machines, you can always wash like a professional with Bosch washing machines that are designed with features like;

  • Intelligent Dosing System (i-Dos) - Automatically doses the right amount of liquid detergent and fabric conditioner required for a cycle.
  • EcoSilcence Drive™ technology - Turns the washing machine to a very fast, effective and energy efficient machine (Advanced models make use of about 76% less water and about 72% less energy than the conventional models, also achieving quieter operation).
  • Quick wash time – Cycles range between 15-30 minutes on every washing machine.
  • ActiveWater technology - Helps to match water use to how dirty the load is.
  • SoftSurge drum - Allows gentle or more vigorously washing, depending on the type of fabric you're washing.
  • AquaShield hose - Helps prevent leaks and flooding thereby keeping the washer running smoothly.
  • LED touch controls with dial - Allow you to choose easily from different settings for customized fabric care.
  • Space-saving design - Accommodates sizeable loads easily.
  • SpeedPerfect option – Specifically added for those times you're in a hurry.
  • VRT (Vibration Reduction Technology) - Noise and vibrations are minimized for flexible placement.
  • Delay-start feature – Allows you to set a load to start while you're out of the house or sleeping.


Common washing machine problems

Below are some common problems that can cause a washing machine not to work:

  • Washing machine won't spin or agitate.
  • Washing machine won't drain.
  • Washing machine won't start.
  • Washing machine overflowing.
  • Washing machine door or lid won't lock.
  • Washing machine is making loud noises.
  • Washing machine stops mid cycle.
  • Washing machine vibrating or shaking.
  • Washing machine fills slowly.
  • Washing machine leaking water.


Washing machine maintenance 

Washing machines make our life easier and hassle free just like any other home appliance. Regular care and maintenance is very crucial for high efficiency and a long-life span. Useful tips to take care of washing machines include:

  • Keep the door of the machine open after every wash so that the moisture and dampness will dry out.
  • Be conscious of what you are washing. Washing of heavy carpets and other rubber mates put excess pressure on the motor which can causes damage to the washing machine.
  • Clean the interiors. Check for dirt, grease and detergent build up on the tub, on the dispenser and on the water pipes and remove it.
  • Do not use to much detergent as it does not translate to better cleaning.
  • Use the right setting requirement for all clothes in order to protect clothes and the washing machine from damage.
  • Do not overload. Overloading puts pressure on the motor and results in overheating. Also, a packed load will result in poor or no spinning at all.



Why you should call us for your repair

We advise appliance owners not to take on repairing themselves because of the long list of danger involved. There are many replacement parts that are non-refundable, so in case you misdiagnose or mishandle the problem, you may waste a lot of money. Large appliances are extremely heavy and bulky. You risk serious injury in moving, opening, and lifting heavy machines if you lack the technical knowledge on how to do so. This can also cause the appliances warranty to be voided. Also, don't forget you can get yourself electrocuted if you forget to unplug the machine. The risk involved is not worth the stress, taking risks is what we do.

You may encounter some issues with your washer over the course of its lifetime. Washing machines save you time, so if something happens to it and you need to have it repaired, Global Solutions Appliance Repair is your surest bet. Our technicians are professionals that fix and service washing machines almost immediately without interfering with your schedule.

We have a factory trained and experienced staff who is humble and courteous in the field. We have no hidden cost. Give us a call and experience the best washing machine repair at a fair price.


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