Frigidaire crafts a brilliant and sophisticated line of dishwashers that come with an array of state-of-the-art features and advances to make your washing more fun and convenient. Designed in a sleek and stylish way, it corporates class with efficiency, delivering a perfect model to modernize and beautify your kitchen. Frigidaire crafts Free-Standing dishwashers and Built-in dishwashers. Their features include:
  • Sizes for large utensils: The height, width and depth of the original cutlery tray can be altered to your desire.
  • Supreme adaptability and expediency: For perfect operation, placement options and cleaning results.
  • The application can be combined flawlessly into handy kitchens; the door opens mechanically when needed.
  • Mechanically meticulous: Four LEDs brighten the whole dishwasher inside in a powerful light. The dishwasher access opens routinely at the finish of the wash program and all comes out very well dried up.
  • Outstanding scrubbing and ventilation outcomes for usually dirty crockery, in 58 minutes. Extremely economical, giving you excellent cleaning and drying results.
  • 20% more lucrative. Provides you with the finest housework and drying grades with consideration of your economy.


  • Your dishwasher doesn’t clean well enough.
  • Your dishwasher may be noisy, creating an annoyance in your home atmosphere.
  • Your glasses may come out cloudy or white.
  • Your dishes may come out spotted or stained.
  • Your dishwasher may not drain effectively.
  • Your dishwasher door won’t latch, leading to defective cleaning results.
  • Your dishwasher may be leaking, causing a hassle to clean.
  • Your dishwasher may smell unpleasant, and this smell might settle on your dishes.
  • Your dishwasher may not fill with water, or it may not stop filling.
  • Your dishwasher may not start.
  • Dishes may not be properly dried.
  • Your washing cycle may take too long or does not complete the cycle.
  • Your dishwasher may not use the detergent you supply to it.
  • The racks may not roll out.
  • Your dishwasher may also be cracked.

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