Global Solutions Appliance Repair is your one stop shop to repair GE appliances at your command. Our company is specialized in this field of work, training and monitoring our technicians to render you with the best service. We repair GE appliances in residential and commercial settings, including refrigerators, ovens, refrigerator ice makers, washing machines, dryers and stoves.

GE appliances are durable and reliable, giving you what you paid for. Some of GE’s more prominent appliances are:

Refrigerators: GE refrigerators are spacious ones with a capacity to hold a substantial amount of food. Its refrigerators have organized shelves for convenience and ease. Refrigerators with water dispensers hold a considerable amount of water, so that you can get cool water with just the press of your hand. It has a sparkling LED light that brightens up the interior, an aesthetic touch that adds convenience to it. Humidity and temperature controls allow you to store your food in a fresh setting, for longer.

Dishwashers: These GE appliances are not only friendly to your pocket, but also friendly to work with. With its easy to use controls and handling, it has a roomy interior to store different sizes and shapes of dishes. Many dishwashers come with the Hot Start option, which allows you to preheat the water so dishes can be washed anytime.

Dryers: GE dryers are advanced, and tech-savvy, providing numerous special cycles, features like steam modes, and an application that allows you to supervise it from your phone. It merges efficiency with convenience – as do all of GE appliances. It is also equipped with a roomy capacity to a bigger bundle of clothes at any one time.

Washing machines: GE’s washing machines come with a range of features designed to suit your usability and convenience, such as controlling temperature, spin speed, stain removal, and eco-friendly cold water features.

If you own a GE appliance, you have made the right choice. Their appliances merge cost effective and efficient features with an aesthetic touch, brightening up your home and your daily chores. They are an integral part of our lives, helping us to maintain our households in the easiest way – keeping our families and us happy.

If you encounter a problem with your valuable appliances – worry no more. Global Solutions Appliance Repair is an experienced company that can work with a range of mishaps your appliance may be making. So instead of buying a new appliance, rely on us to repair yours!


It is important to maintain your appliance effectively, as many problems you face can be prevented with proper care.

It is important to clean and oil your appliances, using the right type of oil as instructed in your manual, and using the right amount. Be sure to clean behind appliances like refrigerators, to prevent dust from clogging machinery or wires.

Equipment that uses motors – such as home freezers and mixers– should not be store in settings less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit, as the cold temperature can cause a strain on the motor and cause unwanted wear.


Water leakage from freezers and refrigerators, due to a clogged defrost drain Water not entering the dishwasher, due to an obstruction or accident with the float switch that controls amount of water entering.

Filter impairment for ice makers.

Problems in defrost heaters and timers, or thermostats, inside refrigerators.

Breakage of coils in dryers, which impair opening of the dryer’s gas valves.

Lint build up in dryer’s ducts – leading to long drying times, less heating, and drying impairment.


We have decades of experience in repairing technical issues, with numerous trained technicians dealing with a range of GE appliances.

We are available 24 hours a day, ready to deliver our services at your convenience.

We deliver full service warranty, so be sure to expect the service you want. Our service is hassle-free and easy to work with.

We are licensed and insured, so our technicians will always explain the problem you are facing, with full guarantee it will be repaired as quickly as possible. Our attention is always directed to giving you and your family a quality experience.

Our technicians are sure to explain payment beforehand, so you know exactly what you are dealing with. You will never be taken off-guard with payment fees.

We are easy to book, visit us on to book now.

Global Solutions Appliance Repair can fix these minor problems, and more. We understand that the future of residential and commercial appliances is bright, and as the industry grows, so do we. Leave your appliance’s care to us, and you can sit back and relax.