Hotpoint provides consumers with appliances that are crafted to provide space-efficient, high quality performance that also goes easy on the budget and the eyes.

Hotpoint has an excellent line of ovens and stoves to suit our culinary needs. Their oven selection includes Electric Ranges and Gas Ranges.


Smooth and uniform surface - makes cleaning a lot more convenient Interior oven light – Illuminates the oven interior so you have a clear view of your food Lift-up cooktop with porcelain-enameled sub-top for a sophisticated exterior Self-clean oven – Cleans the oven inner space without any scrubbing from your end. Ceramic and glass cooktop – The smooth surface of the cooktop is easier to clean Ribbon heating elements – Consistent heat and glass surface provide quick, uniform heating Large oven capacity – Allows you to cook more dishes simultaneously Electronic oven controls – An electronic touch pad that is easy to operate and clean Frameless glass oven door – Simple, sophisticated and easy to clean, provides a convenient view to check the progress of cooking Audible preheat signal State-of-the-art handle – Sleek lines and a rounded shape that supplement the modern appearance


Clean oven – a smooth and uniform surface makes cleaning much easier Electronic pilotless ignition – saves energy Glass window - Convenient view on the progress of your food Interior oven light Porcelain upswept cooktop - Elevated edges that can hold spills and wiping off the surface is easy to. Two oven racks - Reliable for securely holding of any cookware Large Oven Capacity – Sufficient room to cook an entire meal at once Simmer Burner – Provides low, uniform distribution of heat for delicate foods and sauces 12,500 BTU Burner –Produces high heat very quickly Heavy-duty Steel Grates – render the best level of cooktop performance In-Oven Broil – Healthy meals are hassle-free and convenient with in-oven broiling


No power supply to the oven Power supplied but oven fails to heat up The oven causes short circuit Oven burns the food due to excessive heat Units next to oven are burning The control knobs and and/or the door are getting excessively hot Oven door won’t shut properly or has fallen off


It’s time to say goodbye to all those high energy consuming refrigerators that also take up to much space in your kitchen and welcome this new-fashioned style house essential. Hotpoint refrigerators are the best combination of food packing, flexibility and value, with modifiable shelves and carriers. You can easily relay on Hotpoint Refrigerators for the freshness of your stored food. The specialized spacing allows you to store efficient amount of food on both sides (Freezer and Fridge) Hotpoint promises to provide you not only with the best match for your food but also adds in to the beauty of your kitchen. The LED lightening system of this refrigerator not only consume less energy but also gives long lasting illumination to its indoor.


Temperature fluctuations. Broken LED Water leakage Deposits of ice at the back of the refrigerator Food started to freeze Compressor fan stop functioning Light stays on when the door is closed Door does not close properly


Hotpoint promises to provide the best of all qualities, their dishwashers are a must have. These dishwashers are lined with built in A+ energy class rating The button display supplies the convenience you deserve - including the goodnight and shot time indicators. The stainless steel, sleek and stylish designs add in to the beauty of this machine in a much appealing way.

Their dishwashers also include baby cycle which removes all harmful bacteria, giving you a relaxed and peaceful state of mind.

You do not have to quit your conversation while the dishwasher is doing its job as it is designed by the extra silent technique.


Dishwasher stopped draining Dishwasher leakage Washes dishes poorly Dishwasher stop running Dishwasher starts but stops mid-cycle.


Washing was never as easy. You can surely trust Hotpoint to give your clothes new life after every wash. These washers are very competent, with their outstanding A+++ Energy evaluation. An enormous 11kg drum capacity along with 1400rpm spin speed. They keep your garments in the best form, texture and color. They have an anti-allergy program which removes dirt and all those infectious bacteria from your clothes to give you a healthy lifestyle. The machine has a delicate function which takes extra care of your woolen clothes and keeps them good as new. Hotpoint's special Anti-Stain Behavior eradicates even the most difficult stains without hurting the original color of your garments.


Water leakage Washing machine is not filling properly Not spinning properly Make noises when spinning Washing machine starts shaking or vibrating when turned on You get electric shocks from the machine


The high capacity Hotpoint dryers are the absolute best for your household Effective spinning - does not allow clothes to get tangled Hotpoint care for our valuable time - their specialized dryers have a crease care option which saves you time on ironing. The anti-allergy technology kills 99.9% of the germs on your clothes, giving you allergy free outfits. The sensing drying technique, taking care of the moisture inside the dryer, allows your clothes to remain at the best possible condition.


Clothes come out with holes (damaged) The dryer stop spinning Broken belt The dryer makes a loud noise while spinning Clothes get tangled


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