KitchenAid crafts high-end, elite and advanced models of refrigerators, cooktops, ovens and dishwashers. Their models encompass efficiency, quality and aesthetics with no room for compromise. It delivers to its users a finesse that is hard to find elsewhere. THE REFRIGERATORS COME WITH REMARKABLE FEATURES SUCH AS:

Preserva® Food Care System with Linear Compressor The Preserva® Food Care System helps to keep your food fresher for a longer period of time with a refrigeration unit that regulates humidity and a separate system for frozen foods. The Produce Preserver helps keep food at its optimum levels while the Linear Compressor offers an efficient and high-end cooling system to reduce your refrigerator’s output noise.

Full Extension FreshSeal™ Crisper Drawers These installations are brightly illuminated and open completely for easy access to ingredients, while augmenting humidity levels to keep your produce at its optimal freshness. Full-Extension Pull out Tray

The Full-Extension Pull Out Tray is moisture and stain-resistant and is removed in a hassle-free way so you can clean with ease. Its self-closing glides roll out smoothly so you can remove your ingredients with ease, even when it's fully loaded. Removable Door Bins with Metal Accents Removable Door Bins with Metal Accents produce the ideal refrigerator-to-table solution. These bins are dishwasher safe and are easily removable from the metal base, so you can carry condiments or other ingredients to the table easily.

Produce Preserver The Produce Preserver extends the life and quality of your ingredients by eliminating ethylene from the air, leaving your produce fresh and ripe. LED Lighting LED lighting brightens up the interior of your refrigerator, giving you greater visibility and an aesthetic touch. Three-Tier Freezer Drawer with Storage Divider This feature allows you to organize and place your food efficiently so you can find your items faster with greater accessibility, and have room for items of all shapes and sizes. Slide-Away Shelf

This feature gives you flexibility to organize your refrigerator the way you want, giving you ample storage space for tall items. Platinum Interior Design with Premium Wood Finish Accents With moisture and stain-resistant sleek silver walls and Premium Wood Finish Accents on select models, this interior looks immaculate while displaying your ingredients stunningly. Refrigerators come in French Door Bottom Mount, Side by Side, and Bottom Mount.


Noise emitted from the refrigerators, which can be an annoyance. Water leakage accumulating beneath the refrigerator, an inconvenient mess for all. Malfunctioning defrost systems. Frost buildup. Vertical doors may have trouble closing, leaving your door open to cause more technical issues. Ice dispensers may spit out ice, causing spills. Sheet of ice accumulates on the bottom of the freezer. Faulty wiring, or compressors, leading to defective functioning. Main circuit board failure. Over-cooling, or undercooling. Non-uniform temperatures in different parts of the refrigerator, leading to compromised food quality.


Clean Water Wash System KitchenAid’s Clean Water Wash Filter has a high-class, technologically-advanced pump that uninterruptedly removes particles from the wash water. It reduces water consumption, uses less energy and saves more time. Even with the heaviest of loads, the filter provides efficient performance and never needs to be removed and cleaned.

Third Level Rack A third level has more room for extra silverware or items like spatulas and serving utensils that are generally difficult to place in compartments. So now you can enjoy a larger load each time.

Dynamic Wash Arms The nine dynamic wash arms provide more efficient spread for superior cleaning. What they do is spray in every direction, so the dishes get a great clean no matter how they are placed.

ProScrub™ Option 40 targeted spray jets remove stubborn stains and prevents the need to soak or scrub dishes beforehand.

ProScrub™ Upper

The ProScrub™ Upper Option has two effective spray zones in the upper rack that reach into dishes of all shapes and sizes. SatinGlide™ Max Rails SatinGlide™ gives a smooth, uniform motion to the upper and lower racks, even with larger loads. Fold-Down Shelf with Stemware Holder

Fold-down shelves give more capacity in the upper rack for more cups, wine glasses or longer utensils.


Your dishwasher doesn’t clean well enough. Your dishwasher may be noisy, creating an annoyance in your home atmosphere. Your glasses may come out cloudy or white. Your dishes may come out spotted or stained. Your dishwasher may not drain effectively. Your dishwasher door won’t latch, leading to defective cleaning results. Your dishwasher may be leaking, causing a hassle to clean. Your dishwasher may smell unpleasant, and this smell might settle on your dishes. Your dishwasher may not fill with water, or it may not stop filling. Your dishwasher may not start.

Dishes may not be properly dried. Your washing cycle may take too long or does not complete the cycle. Your dishwasher may not use the detergent you supply to it. The racks may not roll out. Your dishwasher may also be cracked.


Burner Gas Range top, Planned for great open kitchens. This gives you both a profitable look and presentation. The four-burner cooking external contains two Ultra Power™ Dual-Flame Burners that can spread a supreme production of 20,000 BTUs. With the Even-Heat™ Gas Grill and Even-Heat™ Barbeque you can cook crepes in the morning and steaks for dinner.

The cooktop is easy to clean and sleek for the kitchen. Gives appropriate amount of heat to the food in order to keep its original taste and aroma.


The grill may get damaged Receive insufficient gas supply Burners stop functioning Awkward noises from the cooktop Start beeping without any reason Any part of the cooktop get burnt Stop working


To meet your culinary passion, KitchenAid ovens are a must haves on the list. Combination Wall Oven with Even-Heat™ True Convection delivers reliable heating system and even cooking. An exceptional bow-tie formed project and convection fan benefits guarantee that there are no burnt ends or raw middles. Audacious scheme facts are the faultless balance of stylishness and functionality.


It start burning the food Your food remained raw from the middle and burnt from its edges Heating of its buttons Smoke coming from its side Temperature remain inconsistent Led burnt inside Door remain open


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