Maytag crafts refrigerators that are stunning, mastering all the functions a refrigerator should carry out. “Maytag refrigerators hold the cold in four configurations.”

French Door refrigerators: It is their most capacious model, with up to 29 cubic feet of interior capacity. This refrigerator is at eye-level, keeping the foods you use most often right where you need them. Reliable and durable ice and water features are installed.

Side by Side: The refrigerator that grabs second place in roomy interiors, with up to 26 cubic feet of inner storage capacity. It is space-efficient as its doors do not swing all the way, which leaves room for your kitchen way. With ice and water dispensers in every model, and a storing system that gives you up to 30% more freezer space, these models combine practicality with a touch of style.

Bottom-freezer: These models are extremely energy-efficient, with all of their models meeting the standards of ENERGY STAR® standards. You may open this from the left or right side, depending on what your kitchen lay out is. The freezer drawers are placed in a way that allows you to look at your frozen goods without having to bend. These models create an easy, hassle-free kitchen life for you.

Top freezer: This model brings tradition with modern features and styles to help suit the modern household. With its freezer compartment at eye-level for your convenience, and its alternatives to fit smaller 30-inch-wide kitchen cut outs, they allow you convenient everyday activities. You may open it left or right, suiting your kitchen layout.


Noise emitted from the refrigerators, which can be an annoyance. Water leakage accumulating beneath the refrigerator, an inconvenient mess for all. Malfunctioning defrost systems. Frost buildup. Vertical doors may have trouble closing, leaving your door open which causes more technical issues. Ice dispensers may spit out ice, causing spills. Sheet of ice accumulates on the bottom of the freezer. Faulty wiring or compressors, leading to defective functioning. Main circuit board failure. Over-cooling or undercooling. Non-uniform temperatures in different parts of the refrigerator, leading to compromised food quality.


EvenAir™ factual convection, habits an influential warming component and a durable admirer to socialize even temperatures for more steady roasting and baking and maintain the level of air inside it. The Power™ Burner works for a gentle, even sauté and the strong heat for a scorched, titillating steak. Power Preheat allows you to enjoy your dinner 20% faster with juicy flavor and mesmerizing aroma every time.

With the warming drawer, you can keep food warm and fresh till its set to be served, particularly when you are waiting for the guests to arrive.

The 12"/9"/6" Triple-Choice™ element allows you to tie your element to your pot dimension with three electronic culinary alignments.


Your range might stop heating. The power burner sometimes heats up too much. The cooking configuration might experience some trouble. The dust particles start jamming. Control buttons stop functioning. The warming drawer might stop heating.


Power Preheat lets you enjoy dinner faster with juicy flavor and freshness. True convection customs an influential third warming component and a durable fan to mingle level temperatures for extra dependable roasting and baking, promising you the best taste. The Precision Cooking™ provides all options such as preheat, bake and broil which are designed to bring rapid, tasty cooked meals from your oven.


The oven sometimes gets clogged with residue from the baked items. The temperature of the oven remains inconsistent. Overheating from the body of the oven. The control system won’t work properly. Preheating causes troubles. The try rack gets damaged.


The PowerBlast™ cycle eliminates food particles with great compression spray system, amplified temperature and hot steam to gloss the job.

Maytag® dishwashers feature the maximum influential engine, therefore you can be certain that whatever you place in comes out spotless.

No more rubbing dishes. The 4-blade stainless steel grinder crumbles the food specks that come off your plates so they don't finish up sticking to your dishes and glasses.

The dishwasher is enveloped with stainless steel which makes it more appealing and a must have.


Dishwasher stop washing the dishes Foul smell from dishes Leakage of water Not turning on The control buttons stop working Dishwasher wont lock properly


LG washing machine has a PowerWash® system, containing the additional housework action of the PowerWash® cycle and an interior radiator. There is an optimal dose distributer that reliefs the correct quantity of detergent at the required time.

The Fresh Hold® selection retains fresh clothes in the washer through an inside fan and erratic dipping that mingle air over clothes for up to 12 hours after the cycle has ended. The Sanitize cycle with Oxi and Steam removes 99.9% of household bacteria and gives you bacteria free garments which can cause allergy or infection.


The spinner wont spin the clothes properly The dirt on the clothes remain Detergent inlet blockage Water leakage The power button or any other button get jammed or broken Machine start vibrating when turn on


The Wrinkle Prevent choice helps avoid wrinkles. The Sanitize cycle uses special-hot ventilation temperatures to eliminate up to 99.9% of domestic bacteria.


Clothes get tangled Overheating of the dryer may cause harm to your garments Dryer stop spinning Dryer does not dry clothes properly Dryer makes noises and start vibrating.


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