We are a trusted, affordable, same-day appliance repair company servicing MEILE appliances in NYC AREA (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Nassau County).

MEILE appliances have always been one of the best and it's very popular in most homes. They have been producing top home appliances for many years and are well placed at international level. Home appliances can fail at any time for so many reasons which may include brand, maintenance and age. This is why we encourage people to go with popular brands because they usually last longer and parts are readily available in stores for purchase.

We repair and service all MEILE products including:


MEILE dishwashers are of two types:

full sized dishwashers professional dishwashers

MEILE also offers customers different methods for installing their dishwashers which are: dishwashers installed with cabinetry front and visible controls dishwashers with pre-finished front and concealed controls dishwashers without fronts but visible controls

These classy dishwashers also come with amazing features that most dishwashers lack like: Perfect glass care - takes care of glass cleaning without causing damages Cutlery basket - an excellent alternative to your cutlery trays Sensordry - delivers excellent drying results regardless of the work load on the dishwasher Double waterproof system - turns off water when a leakage occurs Common dishwasher problems: Dishwasher doesn’t work Dishwasher won’t fill with water Doesn’t drain properly Detergent is not being released Making strange noises Dishes are not drying,/p>


MEILE Refrigerators are known for their classy design and long term guarantee. They also have some amazing features like: Storage life is longer - enables better quality and flavor High-quality door shelves - can be cleaned easily by hand or in the dishwasher. Uniform distribution of temperature - done by a ventilator You no longer need to manually defrost the refrigerator - circulated air prevents icing on your frozen food.

Common refrigerator problems:

Refrigerator is not cold Water is leaking from the bottom Refrigerator is making loud noises Refrigerator sweats on the outside Ice maker stopes functioning


Features of MEILE Dryers Sensor wash Plus - for mixed loads, the dryer can conveniently process cottons and polycottons together Silks hand wash - dries silk materials gently to decrease creasing Fluff - allows for quick airing of clothes to refresh them

Common Problems of dryers

Dryer doesn’t heat at all Dryer is overheating constantly Dryer refuses to turn on Dryer doesn’t tumble clothes Dryer is Extremely noisy

Washing machines

Features of MEILE Washing machines Patented gentle fabric care - The surface of the drum allows clothes to glide on a thin film of water. Enamelled front - The enamel front is extremely resistant to acid and corrosion and is very easy to clean Washing at low temperatures - saves energy and can be used at a very low temperature like 68°F

Common problems of Washing Machines Washing machine won’t not turn on Washing machine is making loud noises Washing machine won’t spin the clothes properly Washing machine won’t drain Washing machine is leaking Washing machine won’t fill properly


Features of MEILE Ovens Comes with plenty of space - allows you cook many dishes at the same time You can choose your own language, acoustic signal, control panel, brightness, etc. It recommends the perfect temperature to cook your food Steam is reduced during cooking

Common oven problems:

Oven will not heat when turned on Oven doesn’t turn on or refuses to work Doesn’t bake properly Oven doesn’t turn off

Here at Global Solutions Appliance Repair NYC, our technicians are highly skilled, licensed and well trained to handle any faulty MEILE appliances no matter the fault. We will trace it and fix it perfectly We also offer repair of other brands such as BOSCH, KENMORE, GE, WHIRLPOOL, ASKO, FRIGIDAIRE, ELECTROLUX, LG, SAMSUNG, KITCHENAID, MAYTAG, AMANA, WOLF, VIKING AND MANY MORE.

If your brand is not listed here, still give us a call and we will send a technician right away to come and check it out. All our services are pocket friendly and are premium for everyone. We are always here to help you get that home appliance back to work in a short time and also at an affordable rate.

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