Range Hood Repair

Also referred to as a vent hood, the range hood is an essential kitchen component and is as fundamental as the oven or cooktop. It assists in taking out fumes, smoke, heat, and odors emitted during cooking.  Without having a range hood fitted in your kitchen, there will be no way to get rid of carbon monoxide and other dangerous fumes released during the cooking process. 

Since it takes away steam, humidity, and heat from the kitchen, the range hood and kitchen exhaust fan ensure the kitchen environment is ventilated and also moderate the growth of bacteria and mold in your kitchen. Additionally, another upside of having a vent hood fitted in your kitchen is that it can function as an extra light source.

Similar to all appliances, your kitchen exhaust fan or range hood can malfunction or breakdown. In such a scenario, you need to have the issue resolved as soon as possible to keep the kitchen clean and safe. The technicians at Global Solutions Appliance Repair can help you resolve any issue with your range hood.

Some of the common problems associated with range hoods include:

Grease Build Up

As time lapses and with continual usage of the cooker, grease is bound to accrue in the vent hood. With all the steam and smoke the hood accrues, there are spots of cooking material and food that get stuck on the hood.

For this reason, it is best to regularly clean your hood’s interior. This will improve the performance and efficiency of the kitchen exhaust fan, and better the kitchen smell to a sweet aroma.

Motor Not Running

The vent hood comes inbuilt with a tiny motor that triggers the fan and vents the steam and smoke outward. But if the motor has malfunctioned or has broken, the whole process won’t work.

At times, moisture may be the cause or the motor may be corroded. More often than not, when the fan stops, it means doing a motor replacement.  


At times, even if the motor is the heart of the device, the wiring system may be the issue. At times, moisture will accrue on the wiring, or the wiring may get loose. For the range hood to function again, the wiring will need to be corrected.

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When fully operational, the vent hood makes the cooking process pleasant. The light highlights the cooking space and the exhaust fan vents smoke, steam and airborne grease. The technicians at Global Solutions Appliance Repair have more than 10 years of experience handling range hood repairs. The technicians are trained and have the expertise to deal with any issue, whether it’s burned-out lights, squealing fans, or fans refusing to turn on.

If your range hood is beginning to act up or is experiencing any malfunctions, you should troubleshoot the issue first. If you cannot resolve the problem using DIY methods, you should enlist a professional at Global Solutions Appliance Repair to have a quick repair service. Call today and regain your fresh kitchen back.

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