Sub-Zero refrigerators have iconic designs and are in high demand by interior designers and world top chefs. Each detail in these refrigerators has been carefully crafted from the beautiful handles to solid door, these modern Sub-Zero refrigerators add an incomparable sense of quality and style to your home.

Many of the Subzero refrigerators are regarded as a true masterpiece of preservation and they can be customized to fit your refrigeration needs. For a family, Sub-Zero refrigerator might be exactly what you need. From their Over/Under refrigerator freezer to bottom refrigerator freezers, from French door to side by side, they have a wide variety of products available to suit your taste.

Sub-Zero refrigerators are popularly known for having the most sophisticated food preservation system in the world. The appliances are designed as such that their units are so energy efficient, some use less power than a 100-watt light bulb.

A unique design that can hold cabinetry panels of all kinds Energy efficient LED lighting designed to last a long time. Helpful freshness cards that provide easy tips for ensuring best food preservation of various food kinds. Dual refrigeration system with two separate cooling systems keeps the food fresher, that ensures maximum preservation conditions for each type of food.

Microprocessor control that guarantees optimum performance. Contaminants, odor and chlorine taste of water in ice is reduced by a unique Water-Filtration System. NASA inspired air purification system technology scrubs the air of ethylene gas, mold, viruses and bacteria. Adjustable shelves and unique interior designs to accommodate various shapes and sizes of food for maximum convenience. Crispers and deli drawers in are kept in low-temperatures and there are high-humidity sections for optimum freshness. It also allows superior temperature control of +/- 1 degree Celsius.


Remove dust buildup from the fridge coils with vacuum or broom. Inspect the door seals if its properly closed. Clean the interior with cloth damped in warm water once in a while. Ensure you allow air space between the back of the fridge and the wall of at least 3 inches and a minimum space of 1 inch between either side of the fridge and what is next to it, to insure good air circulation. If your freezer is mostly empty, fill up the spaces. You can use containers full of water. Higher energy is required to cool a larger space than a smaller one. Set the right recommended temperature. Colder temperatures waste energy and do not necessarily prevent food spoilage. Keeping the level at just 9°F (5°C) colder than the recommended temperature increases the fridge energy use by 25%.

Common refrigerator problems

Defrost problems are very common and can cause leakage to your refrigerator. Ice maker malfunctioning may arise. Your refrigerator may be making loud noises. Ice start assembling at the back of the fridge. Sometimes the refrigerator warms up and still your fan keeps working, this issue is raised due to defrost problems.

Your refrigerator door seals and hinges may be faulty and prevent firm closure. Your fridge might stop working due to condenser coil malfunctioning. The Light signal of your Fridge may give a wrong alert. Controls for calibration and adjustment may be required.

When it comes to these expensive refrigerators, you may encounter some of these technical difficulties. When you do, you will definitely need a company that can handle these exclusive repairs and that’s where Global Solutions Appliance Repair comes in. It’s very important for your refrigerator to be serviced by certified technicians. Don’t trust your Sub-Zero repair needs to just anyone. Give it to the best and that’s what we are.

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