Global Solutions Appliance Repair includes Whirlpool appliances in its list of brands it not only endorses, but also repair. Whirlpool crafts sophisticated, efficient appliances to suite your personal and commercial lives, to add a touch of convenience, ease and help make chores fun.

With its sophisticated machinery comes its state-of-the-art dryers. They come with advanced features such as:

Advanced Moisture Sensor Drying: Allows your clothes to retain their quality and prevents shrinking, so that you can enjoy the fit you originally paid for.

Enhanced Touch-Up Steam Cycle HE Pair Savings: Save up to $3,300 dollars in energy costs. Eco Monitor: Reduce energy costs but not drying cycles, to keep the quality of drying while going easy on your pockets.

Eco Boost™ Steam Refresh: Steaming your clothes to eliminate wrinkles, and eliminating the need to iron. Quad Baffles: Allowing each article of clothing, whether large or small, to come out dry. SilentSteel™ Drum: Keep noise output to a minimum.

With these dryers, air temperature and moisture content is carefully regulated and controlled to allow for a supreme drying experience. These sleek designs come with an aesthetically pleasing exterior, larger internal capacity for a larger load, and energy friendly advanced systems to keep you satisfied. After all, Whirlpool promises its customers efficiency, convenience, and top notch service. However, from time to time, you may face an occasional blip.


Sometimes the drums may have rotation but there is no heat being delivered. This can be due to a number of reasons: Broken fuse Bad temperature switch Faulty thermostat Impaired heating coils Timer can be broken Perhaps your motor is running normally but there is no movement in the drums. This can be due to a number of reasons: Broken belt Faulty rollers Motor or Idler glitches

Your dryer may also deliver too much heat, which can make the interior very hot, also due to certain reasons:

It could have a blocked vent, which may lead to carbon monoxide build up and obvious overheating. Faulty thermostat or impaired heating coils Sometimes your dryer may not work at all, which can be due to a bad timer or a broken thermostat, a broken terminal block or a start switch that just doesn’t function.

Of course, there are a number of other problems your dryer may be having, however these are the most common ones. If you find yourself facing any of the problems above, or any other, worry no further. All you need is a specialist in whirpool dryer repair.

Global Solutions Appliance Repair is your one stop shop for all things related to whirlpool dryer repair. We are extremely competent and experienced in dealing with these common blips and blunders our valuable machines may give to us from time to time.

Our trained and expert technicians will give you a detailed account of what the problem is, its diagnosis and its repair, so you are on board at all times, and know exactly what you are paying for. Booking is as easy as ever, visit us on

We are easily available and you can book us at your convenience. Once you do, be sure that we will be on time to help you. Also be sure, that you are in good hands!