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Wolf products are designed with superior-quality materials to last about two decades under heaviest usage. It is reliable, more convenient and more economical with crafted aesthetics, advanced technology and an overall high-quality experience.

Wolf specializes in refrigeration and cooking.

Flexible-Scheduling Appliance Repair

Our mission is to provide a reliable and affordable appliance repair service for the people of Brooklyn and we have based ourselves as leaders in pursuit of that goal. Thanks to our highly skilled, certified and insured technicians, we are able to provide the best appliance repair service in Brooklyn.

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Greater quality and high performance wolf refrigerator models include; Side-by-Side Refrigerators, French Door Refrigerators, Ice makers, Bottom Mount Refrigerators and Built-in-Refrigerators. Featuring:

  • LED lighting is available for brighter interior.
  • Adjustable shelves for optimum convenience since food comes in all shapes and sizes.
  • The Dual refrigeration keeps the food fresher for a longer period of time.
  • NASA inspired air purification system help fight odor and spoilage.
  • Optimum freshness is guaranteed by the varying humidity zones.
  • Microprocessor control system assures peak performance.
  • Ice contaminants, odor and chlorine taste is reduced by Water-filtration system.
  • Maximum food preservation with freshness cards.
  • The temperature range is within one degree thanks to the Innovative touch control panel.


Includes Gas Cooktops, Induction Cooktops, Electric Cooktops and Ranges of different designs and sizes. Featuring:

  • Automatic spark ignition system for every burner.
  • Porcelain-coated surface makes it durable and easy to clean.
  • Incredible cooking control.
  • Rapid temperature recovery when cool food is placed on the surface.
  • Sealed top won’t let spills run behind the burners therefore easy to clean.
  • Continuous cast-iron grates for easy movement of pots and pans.
  • Fast and evenly distributed heat is provided by the Magnetic induction technology.
  • Various cooking modes for predictably delicious results.
  • Food is fast and beautifully preheated with the infrared broiler.



Includes Single Ovens, Double and Convention Ovens. Featuring:

  • Convection mode controls heat and airflow with precision.
  • Uniform heat through-out the oven.
  • Multiple pans and rack positions.
  • Different cooking modes for best results.
  • Self-cleansing, timed cook installed systems.
  • Dual convection system for faster and consistent cooking.
  • Rotating control panel.
  • Temperature probe lets you know when it’s done.
  • Signature cobalt blue porcelain interior for easy cleaning.
  • Added steam to ensure dishes maintain their moisture.



Problems commonly encountered with your appliances


  • Water leaking inside refrigerator.
  • Refrigerator won’t start.
  • Refrigerator water dispenser not working
  • Ice starts assembling at the back of the fridge.
  • Refrigerator may be getting very hot.
  • Ice maker malfunctioning may arise due to not changing the fridge filters.
  • Refrigerator might stop working due to condenser coil malfunctioning.
  • Refrigerator is Leaking
  • Refrigerator not cooling.
  • Refrigerator not defrosting.
  • Refrigerator is noisy.
  • Refrigerator defrost drain is clogged.
  • Refrigerator is not getting cold.

Stove/Cooktop and Range tops:

  • The gas burner on the gas range won’t light.
  • The electric range burner won’t heat.
  • Cooktop igniter is making continuous clicking noise.
  • Flames go off on the gas cooktop immediately as knobs are released.
  • Burners click continuously when on low.
  • Indicator light won’t light up to show if the element is hot or not.
  • One or more burners on the electric cooktop are not working.
  • Uneven cooking.
  • The burner won’t turn on or off.
  • Self-cleansing problems.
  • The burner sparks often.


  • No power supplied to the oven.
  • Oven door wont lock when closed.
  • Oven won’t heat up at all.
  • Foods are not cooking properly.
  • Oven temperature is inconsistent.
  • Temperature indicator isn’t working.
  • Oven burns the food due to excessive heat.
  • Oven heater won’t stop when off.

Global Solutions Appliance Repair team keeps up to date with the latest technology. We repair appliances from older appliances to newest technology and even solar-powered variety. Global Solutions Appliance Repair can help increase the life of your appliances with team of factory-trained technicians. Our technicians have many years of experiences which makes you trust we do the job right.


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We want our client to have a stress free process form the moment he picks up the phone to call us until we live the house after the appliance is fixed. we will keep the client informed with each step of the process including but not limited to: technician arrival, professional diagnostic and estimates, unexpected delays and work description. Honesty and transparency.

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