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Wolf is one of the top brands in the world, especially in stove manufacturing. Wolf products distinguishing features show its reputation for quality craftsmanship and aesthetic designs. The unique designs and quality of Wolf stoves are obvious and that’s the reason many kitchens are designed around Wolf products. The stoves are either all gas or gas and electric (dual fuel) and are designed to last for years. There are different types of Wolf stoves, including:

Induction cooktops, Gas cooktops, Dual fuel, Various burner sizes, Open burner gas stoves, Cooktop downdraft ventilation and so on. They feature:

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Our mission is to provide a reliable and affordable appliance repair service for the people of Brooklyn and we have based ourselves as leaders in pursuit of that goal. Thanks to our highly skilled, certified and insured technicians, we are able to provide the best appliance repair service in Brooklyn.

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  • A control panel that includes timing options which allows users to delay start times and schedule self-cleaning.
  • Newer models feature auto-spark re-ignition, so your burners will re-light if the flame suddenly went out during cooking.
  • French cooktops allows you to cook multiple dishes at the same time at different temperatures.
  • Some models feature two convection fans that provide even and smooth heat distribution.
  • The dual fuel range has a built-in temperature probe that alerts you the moment your food reaches right internal temperature.

Common stove problems

  • Stove’s temperature is fluctuating.
  • Gas leakage problems.
  • Timers and displays not working properly.
  • broken switches and temperature dials.
  • Self-cleaning feature stopped working.
  • Stove is not heating fast enough.
  • Drip pans need replacement.
  • Heating elements burned out.
  • Broilers malfunctioning.
  • Temperatures control not working properly.
  • Wiring needs to be replaced.
  • Burners start to behave erratically.
  • Broken auto ignitions or/and sensor.

How to care for your stove

Cleaning your stove requires the following materials; liquid dish-washing soap, toothbrush or sponge, cleaning rags or towels, stovetop cleaning solution and hot water.

Turn off your stove and allow it to cool down completely before you embark on cleaning it. Clean the control panel of your stove with soap and water with a rag or use a light duty cleaner. Do not use abrasive pads because they can wear off the indicators and if this happens, the whole panel might require replacement.

Remove the burner grates and caps then place them in the sink or wash basin filled with hot water and dish soap. Ensure your burner are submerged completely in hot water and soak them about 10-15 minutes.

Scrub the soaked burner grates with a toothbrush or a sponge. Since they have been soaked for a few minutes, the grime will wipe away fairly easy. Wash the burner caps the same way and rinse the burner grates and caps thoroughly with fresh warm water. Double check you rinse all the soapy residue away. Dry the burner grates and caps with paper towels or a clean cloth, or you can equally set the parts on a mat to dry in open air. Some burners are made of solid metal without coils and not ceramic or glass. You can easily clean these solid burners with a solid surface element cleaner.

Remove large food deposits with a razor scraper, then apply a cooktop cleaner to get rid of the remaining residue using a non-abrasive pad. Apply a coat of cooktop protectant.

Clean Stainless steel tops with degreaser and ensure little water is used when cleaning, especially around the knobs so that water won’t drip down and short out the switches or affect the spark ignition system.

Assemble your stove back when it’s finally dry and start cooking.

What we offer

Licensed & certified technicians

All of our technicians are licensed to make repairs on all models of Wolf stove. Global Solutions Appliance Repair technicians are trained extensively and have the knowledge on the state-of-the-art technology of Wolf stoves and ranges and can repair any problem whatsoever. We are also fully insured. Even though our technicians maintain training on the newest products, we are still the best in repairing older models.

We use manufacturer’s endorsed parts

Replacing a faulty part with the perfect fit made by the manufacturer will ensure that your stove works perfectly. Global Solutions Appliance Repair makes every attempt to keep a good supply of factory-approved replacement parts for your Wolf stove. Occasionally, our technicians may be required to order some parts quickly, which is never a problem.

Service with integrity

Consistency, reliability and integrity are the hallmarks of our reputation. We never forget that you expect the highest repair standards from us. We don’t disappoint. Your satisfaction is the most important thing.

Global Solutions Appliance Repair

The moment you suspect your Wolf stove is having an issue, you need to stop cooking immediately and contact us. When your stove is not working properly, your kitchen may fill with smoke and/or harmful toxins which will eventually travel into your entire house. The longer you cook with a faulty stove, the longer you put yourself and your entire family at risk. Global Solutions Appliance Repair is always there anytime you need a repair. We can’t wait to serve you.


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