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Appliance Repair In Brooklyn, NY – Once upon a time, there was Kate. Kate remembered to do every other thing but service her home appliances. Then one by one, everything started malfunctioning. Her light bulbs could not come on. Her air conditioner was not making the house cool. Her laundry machines were messing with her clothes, and she felt her home was turning against her. Little did she know that the symptoms of damaged appliances had been screaming for her attention long ago. Rather than suffering a nervous breakdown, she remembered a friend of hers who used our services and decided to put a call through. We did our job and brought peace back to her appliances. Now, she no longer waits for everything to spoil before she calls our attention to them. Appliances were made to free us from routine jobs that can be time-wasting and detrimental to your productivity. Like every other machine, these appliances were not made to last forever, but they can last longer when regularly serviced. Call us at Global Solutions Appliance Repair on (212) 300-2875 to solve these problems.

Our Services

We offer residential appliance repair services. We take care of the appliances in your home. Appliances like the air conditioner, TV, light bulbs, laundry machines, refrigerator, dryer, oven, dishwasher, stove, and more are our areas of specialty.

Popular Brands We Work On

LG, Samsung, Wolf, Sub-Zero, General Electric (GE), Electrolux, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Maytag, Bosch, Kenmore, and others. We can work on a wide range of appliances that come from different manufacturers. With over a decade of experience, we have come across several brands. We have observed that they have very similar problems with only a few unique issues to some brands. Based on the need to be of service to as many customers as possible, we keep updating our list of brands. We are continuously upgrading our technologies to meet up the those of the present time. At Global Solutions Appliance Repair, we try not to be limited to a specific number of brands. Instead, we stretch our hands even to brands that are not commonly seen yet.

How Do We Work?

We charge for a service call. After receiving your request, we send a technician over to diagnose the problem. Such a diagnosis might involve dissembling the machine into its various parts. The dissembling is vital so that we know what the problem’s source is and what should be taken to solve it. After assessing the issue on the ground, he makes an estimate. On your approval or acceptance for the work to go on, we do the rest.

Any Customer Service?

We have an excellent team of customer service personnel with great communication skills who can attend to your calls and other messages. We esteem our customers highly because we are also all about building good and long-lasting relationships. We prioritize our need always to be available whenever you call so that we can quickly put to rest any household appliance issue bugging you.

How Fast Are Our Service Deliveries?

Our work procedures are greatly optimized to meet you at the point of your need as quickly as possible. We do what is necessary to speed up our response or turnaround time.

What Do I Benefit from This Company?

A lot! We offer a 10% discount on appliance repair labor to military personnel and senior citizens. We acknowledge their service to the nation and decided to show gratitude in any way possible. We are a team of hardworking individuals, certified technicians who know so much about these appliances, that we cannot but leave them in the best shape possible.

Affordable Prices

Our charges are reasonable. They have been well adjusted to suit your need and not be a burden to your pocket. We understand these things do not always come to mind as something to be budgeted for. That is why our charges do not make you sweat. Instead, they make you want to call your friends and colleagues who have similar appliance issues just so you can tell them about us. We have nothing but the best of services to offer. So, call us on (212) 300-2875 and relax.

Appliance Repair Brooklyn, NY If You Looking For The Best Appliance Repair Services Just Call Us Now: (212) 300-2875 Global Solutions Appliance Repair.

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Appliance Repair Brooklyn, NY
Appliance Repair Brooklyn, NY

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