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Frigidaire Oven Error Codes

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Amazing Way How To Fix Frigidaire Oven Error Code

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Frigidaire Oven Error Codes – The kitchen needs the oven to complete many of the delicacies and recipes preparation. There are specific cooking tasks which will require an oven to deliver the best meal. You can only get the best service from the oven if you pay proper attention to it when you clean, maintain and repair it when necessary.

Oven repair services have to be delivered by very experienced people. These people should know the techniques for troubleshooting and inspecting malfunctions in the oven. The most recent models of the credible brands of oven manufacturers have sensors and LCD displays that show the user some error codes. This technology has made oven maintenance and repair easier.

Frigidaire oven error codes.

The followings are error codes displayed by Frigidaire ovens, their description and what faults should be given attention. The information in this section will help both the owners and the technician to focus their resources on the best solution that will maintain and repair the oven.

*Please note that is unrecommended and highly dangerous to try and repair oven faults by yourself.

Most of the different error codes may be displayed for similar faults. It is recommended to only use technicians who have good years of experience to detect which particular faults will need to be solved.

Frigidaire Oven Error Codes For More Info Just Call Us Now: (212) 300-2875

Frigidaire Oven Error Codes

Error Code: Error Code Description – Solution

Code F0: Failed oven control – Repair the electronic oven control. It is mostly identified as the clock. Replace it if error persists after proper inspection.

Code F1: Failed electronic oven control – Repair or replace the electronic oven control. The EOC may also be called clock or oven timer.

Code F2: Extreme oven temperature reading – Check to see if it reads above 1100 ohms, if so, replace the oven temperature sensor (RTD).

Code F3: No contact with oven temperature sensor (RTD) – Inspect the sensor connections to the oven control. Change the RTD if you see that the wires are good.

Code F4: Temperature sensor short circuit (RTD) error – Check the connections that run through the oven control and oven temperature sensor. Try to repair the oven temperature sensor (RTD) if the connections are intact.

Code F5: Failed oven control – Change the clock (also called EOC).

Code F6: Failed electronic controls – Change the timer (or clock, or EOC).

Code F8: Failed oven door lock error – Inspect the door lock and switches.

Code F10: Oven overheat error. The temperature sensor may be spoilt or the control may be having a short circuit problem – Inspect the temperature sensor and change it if necessary. Disconnect power if overheat is detected. Change the ERC if necessary.

Frigidaire Oven Error Codes For More Info Just Call Us Now: (212) 300-2875

Code F11: Oven keypad error. Shorted touchpad. Unplug the oven for a few minutes, then turn back on. Change the keyboard and EOC if the error code returns.

Code F12: Failed item identification – Press the clear button. Change keyboard and EOC if the error persists after thorough inspections.

Code F13: Wrong identification of EEPROM or check error – Try the function again by pressing the clear key. Inspect and replace the keyboard and electronic oven control (EOC) if the error continues to show.

Code F15: Failed controller check – Repair or replace the electronic control (EOC) after proper inspection.

Code F20: Failed communication control link error – Inspect the P4 connection on the oven control (EOC) and ensure that the Surface Element Control (P11 ESEC) circuit is in order. If connections are intact, check the User Interface Board (UIB), the Surface Element Control Board (ESEC) or the electronic control (EOC). Replace any of these if faults are discovered.

Code F30: Temperature sensor wiring error – Inspect the temperature sensor wire connections and change the sensor and oven control (EOC) if necessary.

Code F31: Short circuit temperature sensor wiring error – Trouble-shoot the temperature sensor connections and change the sensor if necessary. If the problem persists, repair the EOC.

Code F62: Zero-cross signal error – Repair or replace the oven control.

Code [F90 – F94]: These error codes relate very much to oven door faults, and their consecutive report states – exceeded maximum door unlock time (F90), exceeded maximum attempts to unlock door (F91), oven door maximum open time exceeded (F92), door maximum lock time exceeded (F93), and oven door maximum lock attempts exceeded (F94).

Frigidaire Oven Error Codes

The solutions for these error codes (F90,91,92,93,94) include:

  •  Checking the temperature sensor.
  • Check the wire connections between EOC and the door micro lock switch.
  • Inspect the lock motor coil or check to see if the micro lock switch is open. If the switch is open, change the door lock assembly.
  • Inspect the cam rods from the motor lock assembly.
  • For the Code F92, 93 and 94, inspect to see if the switch for the door light is open. If it is open, change the switch.

Code F95: Oven door motor assembly failure. The door control motor is always rotating.            – Inspect the door wire connections to the lock switches and motor. Repair or replace the EOC if the connections are found intact.

Frigidaire Oven Error Codes For More Info Just Call Us Now: (212) 300-2875

From the error codes information and solutions, the most commonly experienced problems that are identified with Frigidaire ovens are related to – Electronic Oven Control (EOC), Oven Temperature Sensor (also known as the RTD), Electronic Surface Element Control board (ESEC) and User Interface Board (UIB). These elements show significant errors when are faulty.

Cleaning the oven and other household appliances can go a long way to help prevent faults and damages. There are some other domestic maintenance techniques which involve thorough cleaning and should help you use your appliances for a longer period. These include; cleaning the oven gaskets as it helps hold in the heat better, cleaning the oven racks and burner grates and cleaning the oven doors. Maintenance and awareness are most important. Anytime you notice a fault code, it will be in your best interest to contact the experts in repairs.

There are error signals and malfunctions that may get you contemplating if you should purchase a new oven or go with the repair option. We can discuss a bit on that now. Oven faults are not really a hard nut for professional repair technicians to crack, they can get any part repaired or replaced and functioning properly. The costs of these replacement parts are usually very affordable, and the good technicians know where to get the original parts.

Purchasing a new oven is always the easiest option to follow, but it makes you bother about space and disposing of the faulty one. It makes you spend so much money on the new product purchase. This new appliance may run smoothly for some time, but will eventually require repair for a fault or two. The old durable oven can undergo a repair or a part replacement, and continue to serve you smoothly because it has withstood consecutive temperature operations and delivered good service. It is highly advisable that you go with the repair option to save you a lot of money, space worries and hassle.

The domestic appliances in our home and mainly our kitchen gradually become a good part of our lives as they contribute to our comfort. They register a significant role when they accomplish long years of quality service. The influence of their durability is something that Global Solutions Appliance Repair will help you promote as they repair the faults without any trouble.

The knowledge in this article may guide you regarding oven repair costs and troubleshooting stress, but you will get the most effective results on your oven repairs when you contact a professional oven repair company. We have the best technicians for your oven repair services in New York. The quality services they deliver extend to many other household appliances, and they have all the important equipment and tools to deliver your work.

Frigidaire Oven Error Codes For More Info Just Call Us Now: (212) 300-2875


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